15 December 2013

The World’s Dumbest Protest

A Google Inc commuter bus was blocked in San Francisco's Mission district for about a half hour Monday morning, highlighting many residents' growing concern that an influx of affluent technology workers is driving up costs in the city.
"San Francisco, not for sale" and "Stop evictions now" numbered among the slogans yellow-vested protesters chanted as they surrounded the double-decker bus. Google's offices are in Mountain View, about 34 miles away from the incident.
The protest, organized by an advocacy group called Heart of the City, took aim at private commuter buses which whisk thousands of employees from stops around San Francisco to jobs at technology companies south of the city such as Apple Inc, Facebook Inc and Google.
Advocates of the buses say they ease traffic on already clogged highways as workers give up driving individual cars for the convenience of riding in the buses, which usually come with plush seats and WiFi.
Foes say the buses jam up municipal bus stops and remove potential customers from cash-strapped public transportation systems, including regional rail service, that could use their revenue.

Sweet Karl Marx, but lefties are hilarious once they run out of problems to solve.
The money quote:

The commuter-bus situation "has become very symbolic of what's happening to the city in terms of gentrification," said McElroy in a phone interview. "It's creating a system where San Francisco is being flooded with capital, and creating a technology class where other people can't compete."

It’s almost as if they want to live in increasing poverty.  I say let them.

Life isn’t fair, and no two people are equal.  Don’t get mad at Google for revealing what everyone who has matured past toddlerhood knows.

Still, this is about as funny the recent Smash WhiteSupremacy Fun Run in LA (no, I'm not making it up).  If the collapse ever happens, I think I’ll keep a few lefties around just for laughs.