18 January 2014

Lying Is A Sin Too

What’s particularly ironic to me in this culture war is that there are many Bible-believing Christian who think homosexuality is a (perverse) choice caused by difficult life events, and acting on this worldview they wag their fingers at gay people and say, “You are violating God’s laws, you’re going to hell.” But this is absurd, since according to their own perspective this will just make things worse, by amplifying feelings of guilt, shame, and fear of social condemnation.
No, the proper thing to do is point out that all of us are violating God’s laws; there is nothing special about gay people in this respect. We are all in desperate need of a Savior, who loves us just as we are and can offer us peace and feelings of acceptance and self-worth that no group of peers or neighbors can possibly provide.

One of the reasons why I’ve ceased to care about the homosexual movement in recent years is simply due to realizing that there are bigger spiritual problems in America.  Now, I don’t approve of homosexual or homosexuality, nor do I think that God’s going to say, “well done” to any of them, but at the same time I don’t think gay marriage will do much damage at all because a) government marital certificates do not a marriage make and b) divorce has done the bulk of the damage already.  At any rate, I think the biggest spiritual problem in America is not homosexuality or even sexual perversions in general, but dishonesty.

Dishonesty is everywhere.  The denial of reality is fundamental in American discourse.  No one will deny equality or feminism in polite company, and few will point out that the American political system is mostly bullshit.  Everyone pays lip service to leftism and the morally devoid philosophy that reigns supreme in this modern age.  Many people claim that don’t believe in any leftist lies, but lip service to them often enough and you just might begin to believe them.  Or justify them as mostly harmless and well-intentioned.

It should come as no surprise that the list of those going to hell, in Revelation 21:8, includes both the sexually immoral and liars.  Condemning one but not the other is wrong and inconsistent with God’s word.  But Christians will only condemn the homos because the homos aren’t in the church, and condemning liars means condemning themselves, since they pay lip service to the lies of this age.