12 January 2014

The Evil of Modern Feminism

Apparently being a “red pill woman” is the latest, coolest thing since feminism. Feminism is obsolete and “red pill woman” is where its at. You ain’t nobody until you can put “R.P.W.” after your name. Its the new professional credential to signal to men, “hey, I’m one of the cool girls, I get it. Look at me!” Remember feminism will always try to repackage and reinvent itself. Women will even tell cute jokes that match manosphere memes  so they can appear to not be feminists. Women are master chameleons and they will don whatever color or mask they need to achieve their ends and the latest ends is to obtain a coveted alpha male [Really? No women ever desired desirable males until feminism?- ed.], the highest prize of feminine success.  You don’t get an alpha male by being a feminist, at least not trademarked feminism, so what they do is piggy back onto the manosphere red pill craze to get followers while employing age old feminine mystique tactics of feminine wiles and moral dominance.   Women also have great instincts to “herd up” and form groups and it is still my belief that anywhere large amounts of women congregate feminism is more likely to fester and grow exponentially. [Emphasis added.]

It is indeed the case that women are master chameleons that will don whatever mask gets them what they want.  Consider the following example provided courtesy of Vox Day:

For example, Spacebunny once had some checks that openly advocated a liberal position with which I completely disagree, then and now. I never said anything to her about them. However, when a woman working at Barnes & Noble made a disproportionate fuss over them at the checkout counter in order to establish her liberal bona fides - "nice checks!" - I rolled my eyes, thereby drawing the clerk's attention and provoking her wrath.
She demanded to know if I agreed with the message on the checks, and upon learning I did not, promptly declared I was a bad person and demanded to know why my reasons for disagreeing. I looked at her calmly, ignored her demands, and asked her to please ring up my books. She did so, visibly fuming all the while. Spacebunny was appalled by the whole situation, and couldn't believe the clerk had treated me so rudely for the mortal crime of failing to show public enthusiasm for the sentiment expressed on the checks.
It wasn't long before the checks were replaced by other ones featuring an innocuous picture devoid of any political sentiment. And these days, I suspect she would be faster to disavow the sentiment expressed on the checks than I would.

Clearly, Spacebunny is nothing more than an evil, conniving, feminist bitch.  How dare she masquerade as a conservative/libertarian once she found out her man disapproved of leftist politics.  She is clearly hiding her leftist politics so that she can brag  to all her harpy feminist friends about the alpha (or sigma, if you prefer) that she snagged.  Vox should seriously consider divorcing this dishonest shrew.

Thankfully, LGR is here to inform us of the ways in which these closeted feminists are tricking us stupid men.  Specifically, these fake red-pillers are engaging in evil deceit like a) not airing their dissatisfaction with their relationship in public, b) bragging about their men, and c) being vulnerable and requesting male assistance.  How dare those dastardly bitches act feminine!  Clearly it’s just a ruse to snag a man and then turn the screws and fuck him over in family court.  There is absolutely no way any modern American woman could possibly truly desire a leader of a man and wish to remain in a committed relationship with him.  They must simply be faking it, those evil bitches!

I hope by now it’s clear that I’m being somewhat satirical about this matter.  While some women might lie, it does seem a little inconceivable that the majority of Red Pill Women are nothing more than charlatans who are just waiting for the chance to shiv men in the back.  A couple might be like this, but not most.  My guess is that, if anything, Laura is projecting her attitude onto other women.  I could be wrong, since I don’t know her all that well, but this explanation makes more sense than saying that women don’t really desire good male leadership.

“But,” a hypothetical reader might counter, “why would so many self-identified red pill women seem so dissatisfied with their husbands/boyfriends/male-with-pulses-that-they-are-currently-settling-for?”  To answer that, I turn to slumlord:

After you've worked in a GP (family physician) for a while and accumulated a group of steady patients, people relax with you and like to talk about more personal details. Women love to complain about their husbands, however, the most frequently complaint I get is the one Augustina articulated. I rarely get complaints about all the other stuff. Sure, some complain about their husbands bad habits, snoring or excessive weight but what they most complain about is him "acting lie [sic] a  child". What's become more worrying though, as time has passed, it's not just the married women that are complaining about their husbands but increasingly, girlfriends are complaining of this type of dissatisfaction of their boyfriends as well. [Emphasis added.]

To put it in layman’s terms, the reason why so many women are dissatisfied with most men these days is because most men are faggots. There are exceptions, of course, and most of those exceptions belong to the manosphere, which is probably why so many women are drawn to it.  It’s not that most Red Pill Women are secretly agents of feminism, but that the manosphere is the closest they can get to the masculine leadership to which they are rightfully attracted, and even the in the manosphere there are plenty of bloggers who can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.  So, if you’re a keyboard warrior that still can’t find a good woman, it may be the case that you aren’t quite the masculine leader you think you are.  Alternatively, it may simply be the case that you’re incapable of recognizing a good woman when you see one.