20 January 2014

The Manosphere, Then And Now

It used to be, way back in the day, that the manosphere was a place of generally intelligent and insightful commentary on how the world generally works.  I remember a lot of bloggers and commenters talking about the manosphere, and Men’s rights, being a movement. Some of the more grandiose seemed to think that it would take over the world, though I suspect most everyone viewed this particular notion as mere rhetoric.  However, there was a sense in which a lot of bloggers and commenters thought that their movement would eventually have to pick up steam because it was truth.

Now, the manosphere has grown and the movement has picked up steam.  People are flocking towards to truth in droves.  The problem, though, is that a lot of the insightful and intelligent commentary has gone away, and its place are a lot of remarkably stupid pissing contests (just look at the comments sections in the more popular manosphere blogs, especially the Christian ones).  Now the bloggers and commenters are complaining that the movement is turning stupid.

Of course, it was only ever going to happen this way.  A small minority of intelligent men laid the groundwork for an intellectual revolution.  The problem was, though, that if a revolution were to happen, it could only happen if the movement grew in number.  And since the movement was started by an intelligent minority, expansion meant the movement would grow dumber as it grew larger.  It was simply a matter of probability since the moderately intelligent, the average, and the stupid collectively outnumber the highly intelligent.

Thus, there are only two paths forward:  the intelligent regain the leadership, or the stupid continue to take ahold of it.  If the intelligent are to regain the leadership, this will entail demonstrating dominance over the stupid.  To this end, silencing fools by eliminating their forum is more effective than reasoning with them, what with them being fools and all.  Leftists aren’t bright, but they do know how to silence dissent.  It might be wise to take a page out of their books.  If reason doesn’t work, violence—or its closest approximation—will.  Fools are more apt to respond to violence than reason, though reasoned rhetoric can be effective.  While the more intellectual among the ‘sphere are hesitant to use slogans in lieu of reasoned arguments, this is actually fairly effective in dealing with the masses.  Only nerds carry on long arguments, and nerds are nowhere close to high status.*  For proof, watch every election cycle in the last sixteen years.  The debates are jokes, slogans almost exclusively take the place of reasoned arguments, and incisive rhetoric wins more points than long discourses on highly technical policy prescriptions. It’s better to humiliate your opponent with an insightful quip than to try to respond with a long, well-reasoned argument.

If the original leaders are as beta (or, if you prefer, nerdy/loserish) as I suspect most of them are, the stupid will eventually take over the movement and run it mostly into the ground, or at least water down the message to such an extent that the movement can never recover its momentum or popularity.  All the stupid really have to do is show up on the blogs and forums and comment, and be willing to make a spectacle of themselves in the media at some point.  The stupid enjoy being made a spectacle of because they understand how status works in a far more practical way than most of the bloggers who write about it.

I have no dog in this fight, though I do find the fight amusing.  It would, however, be so deliciously ironic—perhaps even fitting—that most of those original bloggers who started writing because they were simply trying to understand women end up getting run out of the movement they started because, in spite of all their intellectual masturbation, they never actually got around to having any practical understanding of human nature in spite of staring it in the face for so long.