20 January 2014

The Privilege of Educators

A fascinating story:

A poster asking some Kansas middle school students a sexually provocative question has at least one parent up in arms.
“How do people express their sexual feelings,” the poster asks, before listing “touching each other’s genitals,” “anal sex” and “vaginal intercourse,” among other things.
After seeing the material posted at Hocker Grove Middle School in Shawnee, Kan., Mark Ellis thought it was likely posted by pranksters, WDAF-TV reported. He couldn’t believe school officials would actually expose his 13-year-old daughter to such a question.
However, after calling the school, Ellis learned the poster was teaching material and part of a health and science curriculum.

If most people were to pose these sort of questions to any random thirteen-year-old, they would be arrested on some sort of charge, probably propositioning a minor, maybe soliciting, possibly sexual assault.*  If you’re a teacher, however, and especially a sex-ed teacher, asking these sort of questions of thirteen-year-olds is simply doing your job.  Now, not all teachers or school systems are like this, and this is very much an anecdote.  That said, I think that it’s about time to stop spreading the fairy tale that teachers are wonderful human beings that just wish to help The Children™ realize their full potential in life.

Keep in mind that I was homeschooled and attended public school for the last two years of high school, and keep in mind that my mom, my dad, and my sister work in elementary education, and one of my uncles teaches high school, as does one of my aunts.  I’ve seen both sides of the fence as a student, and I know of the high status and general snobbery that comes from being a teacher; I’ve witnessed it all personally.

What I’ve observed is that there are a good number of honest, hard-working, dedicated teachers.  There are also a lot of completely shitty teachers whose only purpose for teaching is to grind it out for couple of decades and retire with a pension.  There are also a decent number of mediocre teachers who put forth some effort, but ultimately view teaching as more of a job than a career.  What I’ve also observed is that none of these teachers were as effective at teaching me anything as my mother was.  None of them cared as much as her, none of them catered their teaching to me as much as she did, none of them pushed me as much as she did, and none of them gave me as much intellectual freedom as she did.**  This is not a knock against the teachers as much as it is a complaint about the system.  There was simply no way that any teacher could, even if they were so inclined, care as much about me as mom, and do as much for me as mom.  The kicker is that my mom wasn’t really that great at homeschooling.  Somehow, though, she was a damned sight better than any of the teachers I ever had.

Given that most teachers aren’t really that wonderful, and given that they operate in a very terrible system, commending them for their bravery and dedication, for their concern and nobleness, and for their passion and love of teaching (often in spite of their general inability to actually teach) seems downright ludicrous.  A lot of teachers are lazy and some don’t even know what they’re talking about (especially the subs).  Most are not passionate about their jobs.  All my parents and sister ever do is complain about their jobs, which they really hate.  Now that at least one teacher is behaving like a pedophile, maybe we should just call bullshit on this whole charade.

We have many public school teachers, most of whom are completely incompetent (in fairness, a lot of incompetence is more systemic than individual), attempting to teach a very large number of diverse children (who, it must be noted, cannot at all be sorted by cognitive function and ability, thanks to No Child Left Behind), many of whom are only in school because parents view public school more as a free daycare than an institution of learning.  Teachers are glorified babysitters.  Sadly, this state of affairs happens because feminists and their Satanic allies spent years mocking mothers and motherhood, denigrating the second-most important job in the world, turning it into a marker of low status.  Consequently, feminists and their leftists allies have had to try to make education into a high-status career because teachers are effectively substitutes for mothers, and quite poor substitutes at that.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how backward the modern world has become.  The good of motherhood has been labeled as evil and the incompetence of modern schooling has been labeled as good. Perhaps it’s time that we all start mocking the emperor for having no clothes.

* Believe it or not, the legal definition of assault does not necessarily include causing harm.  Rather, it pertains to threatening bodily harm.  In keeping with this, sexual assault can simply mean threatening unwanted sex.  Thus, threatening to rape is assault, while rape is rape, or possibly sexual battery, depending on jurisdiction.

** Going to public school after ten years of being home schooled felt like going to jail to be put in a straitjacket.