18 January 2014

“Well, Police States Are Tough on Crime…”

America has 5 percent of the world’s population but one-fourth of its prisoners. Nearly one-third of Americans are under correctional facilities’ control at a yearly cost of $60 billion. Imprisonment has grown 400 percent over the past twenty years, the great majority for non-violent crimes. And two-thirds of criminals are back in jail for similar crimes three years after they are released.

Well, what else did anyone expect?  When you have a highly advanced culture allowing a considerable number of essentially barbaric cultures, as well as some not-yet-developed cultures, to live within the borders of their country, you have to think that there will be some sort of cultural clash.  Just going from observable reality, how blacks behave is different from how whites behave, and how Asians behave is different from how Hispanics behave.  Toss in some historically violent cultures, like the Somalian culture or the Chechen culture, and you can’t be surprised when mosques and marathons get bombed.

Tyranny is the price of diversity.  One of the main ways to prevent culture clash is to violently stop it in its tracks.  Arresting and imprisoning violent minorities helps keep society somewhat trusting and thus functional.  America is a police state, but that’s really the only way for America to function.  The problem, though, is that a lot of fools want to let a lot of stupid and generally violent people out on the streets because “drug laws violate rights.”  Well, that’s true.  What goes unnoticed is that drug laws are generally easier to prosecute than other laws, and this generally makes it easier to keep the dumb and violent in line.  It’s easier to jail someone for possession with intent than it is to jail someone for assault when the one who is assaulted is too afraid to testify.  Since drug dealers (especially minority dealers) tend to be violent, scary people, the drug war is basically a cheat code for keeping the general peace.

The reason, then, why most white and Asian drug dealers are left unprosecuted is because they aren’t much of a violent threat.  They just want to sell to bored white teenagers and housewives, they probably won’t shoot up a city block to make a point.  Their behavior doesn’t generally erode social trust, which is why they are rarely targets.  The main reason why minorities are nailed with drug crimes is because cops and prosecutors want to nail them with more serious charges but can’t make a case stick.

Now, this is not to say that the system is perfect or above reproach.  However, it is foolish to think that America would be a better place if a lot of dumb, violent people were suddenly free to roam around.  One can say that America is supposed to be the land of the free, and that everyone should have their rights respected.  I agree.  But from a practical standpoint, it is simply ludicrous to think that inviting a large number of uncivilized and not-yet-civilized people to participate in a highly advanced civilization that is based on some rather abstract and arcane philosophies is going to go smoothly.  Thus, if you don’t want tyranny, it would be best to first get rid of diversity.