22 April 2014

Conservatives Need to Stop Supporting the GOP

Kurt Schlichter laments that the GOP needs to stop attacking conservatives:

Here’s a cool trick I learned at Ft. Benning’s Infantry School a few hundred years ago. Attack your enemies, not your allies. That helpful hint totally increases your odds of victory.
Ways and Means Chairman Rep. Dave Camp (Republicanish - MI) never learned that lesson. He just had to release his own tax reform plan, no doubt in response to a groundswell of enthusiasm among his K Street sycophants.
His plan cuts the home mortgage and charitable deductions while slapping a surtax on the earnings of successful people. Good thinking. Shaft the folks who saved up to buy homes, give money to conservative causes, and worked hard all their lives – and who vote for GOP candidates. You couldn’t screw Republicans more effectively if you put a special surtax on people who own guns, support themselves and love America.

Here’s how representative democracy works:  You vote for people who represent your views and beliefs.  It really is that simple.  The fundamental assumption of representative democracy is that you vote for someone who generally represents your beliefs and views.  If you don’t vote for someone who doesn’t share your beliefs and views, the problem isn’t with the person you voted for; it’s you.

More to the point, conservatives need to realize that if the GOP isn’t going to actually vote in a way that reflects their belief and views, then there is absolutely no point in voting for them.  The Democrats aren’t actually worse than the GOP when both parties act and vote the exact same way.  Both parties are functionally the same.  Therefore, if the GOP is attacking conservatives, conservatives would do well to leave the GOP and vote for another party.  If they keep voting for people that vote like Democrats, they will have no one but themselves to blame if the country becomes increasingly Democratic.