23 March 2015

Maybe They Want To Be Raped

Via Steve Sailer, the Grey Lady's editorial board:
Americans who have criminal histories are often stymied when they encounter college entry applications that ask if they have ever been convicted of crimes. The process, which often brings greater scrutiny to people who answer “yes,” is driving away large numbers of people who present no danger to campus safety and are capable of succeeding academically.
Similar problems have faced people with records when they look for jobs, but progress on that front could be a model for reforming college admissions. Fourteen states and about 100 local governments have worked to minimize job discrimination by barring public — and, in many cases, private — employers from asking about criminal convictions until later in the application process, when the person has had a chance to prove his or her worthiness for the job.
Given the current rape crisis on college campuses across the nation, it's hard to see how allowing criminals on campus is going to make the problem go away, or even improve.  It's almost as if the idiots/leftists calling for this reform want more rape on campus...

More to the point, it is starting to seem obvious that women are, as the phrase goes, protesting too much.  Maybe women just want to be thrown around and sexually ravished by strong, dominant men.  Maybe this is especially true of young women in their prime (i.e. coeds), so perhaps the rape crisis is a figment of young women's imaginations in the sense that it's a fantasy they are hoping will come true.

Of course, given that colleges are majority female, and given that a lot of male college students tend to be nerdy and socially awkward (think engineers or other spergy types), it really shouldn't be all that surprising that young women feel sexually frustrated, especially since the feministic professorial cabals that comprise campus faculty are doing their damnedest to neuter young men.  Frankly, it's astonishing that any sort of healthy intersexual relations can take place at all on colleges, given that the choice facing young women is between either getting used and abused by near-criminal stud athletes or "dating" effiminate manlets who are possibly eunuchs that lack even the strength to throw a woman around, to say nothing of ravishing her.

Given the increasing prevelance of these male lesbians, is it any wonder that women can't stop fantasizing about self-made, dominant men?

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