26 January 2016

In God We Trust

As Esoterictrad points out, there seems to be this notion that everything will be OK if you fix up an isolated act of degeneracy whilst wallowing in an ocean of it. Let me illustrate what I mean. For years I struggled to understand why fornication was wrong. Why should God be so opposed to the private act of affection between two consenting adults, especially if no harm was done by it? It's taken me years to realise my formulation of the question was based upon a failure to understand the "extrapersonal" dimension of the sexual act. Sex is not simply an act that can be isolated to two people, but its an act with much wider sociological implications. Compartmentalising it is simply a poor way of thinking about it. 
Family stability is partly a function of the prevailing sexual mores.  Acceptable promiscuity facilitates family dissolution, it facilitates abortion, it facilitates the alpha harem and alpha widowhood with the subsequent negative effects of long term pair bonding. It disincentivises socially productive beta behaviour and promotes the dark triad of traits which undermine society. It moves the locus of control of sexuality towards the female instead of the male, undermining the intended sexual dynamic between sexes. Fornication, considered from a simply personal perspective, is probably not that bad, but when considered from a global one, it is a lethal poison. Getting people to grasp the global picture is very hard. Telling people to keep "your morals to yourself" keeps the focus on the local and not the global. [Emphasis added.]
Most people are incapable of grasping the global picture.  In a somewhat technical sense, no human will ever completely grasp the global picture.  Humans are not God, and thus will never grasp the global picture the way he does, which is to say completely.  Fortunately, man does not need to grasp the global picture because God has given man the chance to be his child and embrace the identity of being God’s child.  As such, all that the child of God really needs to know is that fornication is wrong because it is not the practice of the child of God.  God has created an order by which his children are to abide and they need not know the reason for it.  Instead, they need only to commit to their identity as a child of God.

More to the point, the child of God is in control of only himself and those who live in submission to him.  Focusing on the behavior of people who do not live under his authority is a fool’s errand to say the least.

That said, if one is committed to the role of being a child of God, there are some natural consequences that follow.  In the first place, the child of God will associate with those who are also children of God.  Additionally, the child of God will avoid associating with those who are not children of God, which certainly requires paying attention to others’ behavior to some extent.

To get to the point at hand,  while it is certainly fallacious to think that “that everything will be OK if you fix up an isolated act of degeneracy whilst wallowing in an ocean of it,” it is also true that it is better to fix an isolated act of degeneracy than to leave it be.  Moreover, given the general limits of most humans’ intellectual abilities, it’s quite an accomplishment to get them to stay focused on the local for any length of time, to say nothing of focusing on the global.

The best thing to do, then, is to mind your own business and ignore the things that are beyond your control.  A man who ignores his son in order to spend time in night clubs fruitlessly telling players to change their ways isn’t making the world better; the man who pays no mind to players and instead molds his own son into a just and upright man is.

This talk of saving the world, of seeing the global picture, is high-minded nonsense.  Worse than that, it’s utterly pointless as the world was saved some two thousand years ago when Christ rose from the dead.  The Serpent’s head is crushed and sin no longer has dominion over us.  We no longer need to plan to save the world because God—who sees the global picture—has already carried out his.  All we need to do is imitate God as dear children, faithfully discharge the duties he has entrusted us, and forsake evil companions who would beset us.  God will take care of the rest.


  1. Alan J. Perrick27 January, 2016 21:03

    Biblical, and godly authority...


  2. Good stuff. Too late for me, but hopefully some younger ones can benefit.