04 January 2016

The Worm Has Turned

News about Jabe! Bush:
These rumors started brewing last week, when Bush aides began whispering to reporters about the possibility that their candidate might publicly foreswear supporting Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Then Jeb himself confirmed that his campaign had looked into the potential ramifications of trying to wriggle out of the party loyalty pledge he signed -- which he publicly affirmed in response to the very first question of the very first Republican debate in Cleveland.

Well, this should suffice to explain why the GOP base doesn’t trust the GOP establishment.  The establishment is packed with dishonest men like Bush.  Moreover, not only are they dishonest, but capitulators to boot.  These so-called leaders will deserve everything they get, as will the people who tolerated this sort of behavior for far too long.

1 comment:

  1. If the GOP establishment are successful in forcing Bush on us as a candidate - which I don't see as impossible - there will be a Republican bloodbath in 2016 with the effective end of the Republican party.